JSpire business focuses on the heart of people and companies, where 'People Blossom, Companies Flourish.'

Our unique concept of the employer’s dream, brings a blend of uniquely qualified executives, who have the big picture in mind, those who love the job, the people, the company, and the city. Our business takes a hands-on approach focusing on the executives and companies, delivering a personalized message.


Accounting Manager (Marlborough, MA)

Assistant Vice President, Human Resources (Burlington, MA)

Chief Financial Officer (Austin, TX)

Chief Information Officer (Bakersfield, CA)

Senior Vice President/Chief Lending Officer (Burnsville, MN)

Senior Vice President/Chief Operations Officer (Burnsville, MN)

Vice President of Finance and Corporate Strategy (Eureka, CA)

Vice President of Sales (Burlington, MA)

Vice President of Technology (Portsmouth, NH)

Vice President, Risk Management (Portsmouth, NH)

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