Essential Functions:
  • Meet or exceed organizationally established standards of performance and outcomes.
  • Understand the philosophy of strength-based treatment, Core Values and treatment modality of Starr Commonwealth in working with youth and families.
  • Obtain and maintain credentials necessary to deliver appropriate SGLN trainings and other services.
  • Meet or exceed standards of contractual agreements.
  • Work collaboratively with site staff to implement programming.
  • Serve as principle liaison between site leadership and Starr Commonwealth.
  • Meet or exceed targeted training volume standards, service levels and budgetary goals, both revenue and expense.
  • Work with other key Starr departments (e.g. Communications for brochures and publications, Development for grant writing, etc.).
  • Provide and document services to site within parameters set by the contract and/or funding source.
  • Training plans are actively maintained, communicated and understood by stakeholders.
  • Function at both a strategic and detailed task level with all projects.
  • Provide services to site within parameters set by the prescribed training/coaching intervention plan.
  • Provide excellent customer service for all customers, both internal and external.
  • Ensure that materials, including electronic, are consistent with Starr Commonwealth’s mission and brand.
  • Exhibits punctuality to work, attendance, meetings, trainings  and other assigned duties.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.
Key Performance Indicators:
  • Training and coaching exceeds organizationally established standards of performance and is consistent with Starr Commonwealth’s Core Values and treatment philosophy.
  • Programming is implemented collaboratively with site staff.
  • Services are provided and documented within parameters set by contracts and/or funding sources and resources are managed responsibly.
  • Services are provided within parameters set by the intervention plan.
  • Customer service and satisfaction are excellent.
Key Relationships:
  • Reports directly to the Director of Starr Global Learning Network
  • Works collaboratively with site staff and leadership.
Key Qualifications:
  • Bachelor’s degree in education, social work, psychology, or related field required.
  • Graduate degree in education, social work, psychology, or related field preferred.
  • Relevant experience working in a school or clinical setting required.
  • Demonstrated understanding/belief in Starr Commonwealth’s Core Values and trauma-informed, resilience-focused approach required.
  • Training in Starr Commonwealth’s trauma-informed, resilience-focused approach preferred.
  • Ability to train/coach professionals required.
  • Ability to work independently with minimal direct supervision required.
  • Ability to work positively, productively, and collaboratively with stakeholders (i.e. site school staff and leadership, students, families, community members, etc.) required.

Department: Training
This is a full time position

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