Job Summary

Reporting to the Telescope Department Manager, the Controls Group Leader will lead the design and implementation of the electronics and control systems for: (1) the telescope and its subsystems; (2) the telescope optics and their support, positioning, and thermal control systems; and (3) the associated installation, alignment and maintenance equipment.

Job Duties

The Controls Group Leader will lead a group responsible to:
  • Define standards for the electrical and electronic systems and components for the telescope and optics
  • Define requirements and interfaces for the telescope control systems, including, for example:
    • the Mount Control System
    • the Primary Mirror Control System
    • the Secondary Mirror Control System
    • the Tertiary Mirror Control System
    • the Telescope Safety System
  • Work with Systems Engineering to develop software architectural standards for the telescope control systems
  • Model the performance of telescope control systems, particularly including their interaction with each other and with other observatory control systems
  • Lead or supervise the development of the telescope control systems and their software
  • Support the selection and/or development of all electronic and electromechanical components and subsystems, including actuators, edge sensors, drives, encoders, brakes and their associated electronics
  • Supervise the design and implementation of telescope facility systems that provide power, control signals, grounding, etc., through cable runs and cable wraps to all subsystems mounted on the telescope
  • Develop and present design documentation at design reviews
The Controls Group Leader will be responsible for planning and control of Controls Group activities, including creation of the work breakdown structure, staffing plan, schedule, and cost estimates.

The Controls Group Leader will be responsible for systems engineering of the telescope electronics and control systems, and will work with the project Systems Engineering Group to:
  • Develop design requirements documents
  • Develop error budgets
  • Develop interfaces
  • Set reliability engineering standards
  • Develop a quality assurance plan
  • Develop integration and test plans

Minimum Requirements

10-year experience in the design of control systems and electronics for complex scientific detector, telescope or aerospace systems. Significant experience leading a team in these activities is required. An advanced degree in electrical engineering with emphasis on controls is strongly preferred. Experience in large projects is strongly preferred.

The project office is located in Monrovia. Significant travel will be required to partner, vendor and observatory locations.

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities

Candidate must have a strong background in control system theory and electrical engineering. Good skills with Matlab/Simulink or a similar program are considered essential. Candidate should have expertise in management of software development projects and should understand systems engineering as applied to large projects.

Other knowledge and skills that are strongly preferred include: (1) knowledge of geometric optics; (2) understanding of finite-element analysis; (3) experience setting up integrated models of optomechanical systems; (4) experience with large astronomical observatories.

Department: Controls
This is a reg full-time position

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