Currently looking for an experienced Surgical Assistant/First Asst to fill an opening in the CVOR at Emory Healthcare St Joseph's Hospital. Interested candidates must have 2 years of surgical assistant/first assistant experience.

Responsibilities of the Surgical Assistant/First Asst, CVOR​

  • Assisting the surgeon under direct and indirect supervision throughout preoperative, intraoperative, and post-operative duties and procedures as needed.
  • Provide aid in exposure, hemostasis, closure, and other intraoperative technical functions that help the surgeon carry out a safe operation with optimal results for the patient.
  • Safe positioning, assist circulator and anesthesia provider in preparation of the patient.
  • Performing specific tasks according to individual surgeon preference utilizing appropriate techniques.
  • Application of specific dressing material, assist in transfer of patient and following patient to recovery if needed or directed by surgeon.
  • Appropriate placement and securing of retractors with or without padding.
  • Packing with sponges.
  • Digital manipulation of tissue.
  • Suctioning, irrigating, or sponging.
  • Manipulation of suture materials (e.g. loops, tags, running sutures).
  • Proper use of body mechanics to prevent obstruction of the surgeon's view.
  • Utilizing appropriate techniques to assist with hemostasis.
  • Clamping and/or cauterizing vessels or tissue; tying and/or ligating clamped vessels or tissue; applying hemostatic clips; placing local hemostatic agents.
  • Applying tourniquets and demonstrating awareness of the indications/contraindications for use with knowledge of side effects of extended use; applying vessel loops; applying non-crushing clamps; applying direct digital pressure.
  • Utilizing appropriate techniques to assist with closure of body planes.
  • Utilizing running or interrupted subcutaneous sutures with absorbable or non-absorbable material.
  • Utilizing subcuticular closure technique with or without adhesive skin closure strips.
  • Closing skin with method indicated by surgeon (suture, staples, etc.).
  • Postoperative subcutaneous injection of local anesthetic agent as directed by the surgeon.
  • Selecting and applying appropriate wound dressing: liquid or spray occlusive materials, absorbent material affixed with tape of circumferential wrapping; immobilizing dressing (soft or rigid).

Requirements of the Surgical Assistant/First Asst, CVOR​

  • Graduate and /or certification from surgical assisting programs accredited through ARC/STSA.
  • 2 years of surgical assistant/first assistant experience is required.
  • Some areas may require specialized experience. (i.e. in cardiothoracic surgery, two years of directly related experience is required).

Compensation for the Surgical Assistant/First Asst, CVOR​

The starting salary for this position ranges from $30 - $42 per hour depending on experience

This is a non-management position
This is a full-time position

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