Job Summary

The Senior Metrology Engineer will be a technical expert in optical testing and analysis who will serve as a resource for the entire TMT partnership.  Reporting to the Telescope Optics Group Leader, the Senior Metrology Engineer will be responsible for the design, fabrication and use of the metrology systems guiding fabrication of optics and installation of optics into the telescope. The 492 plus 82 spare M1 segments are being fabricated by TMT partner suppliers in the U.S., Japan, India and China to the same exacting standards.   The M2 optic fabrication will be a worldwide competitive procurement and the M3 optic is being supplied as a partner contribution from China. To work effectively with these groups, the Optical Metrology Engineer must have excellent technical, project management, and communication skills, as well as the ability to work in a multi-cultural environment.  In addition, the person in this position will at times be called upon to review work being done for several TMT project groups in each of the partner countries, including fabrication of the optics for the science instruments. The primary work location will be at the TMT Project office in Pasadena, CA, but frequent travel to the TMT partner countries will be required.
Job Duties

  • Review the design of metrology systems and optical testing performed by contractors and partner institutions in the production of optical subsystems, science instruments, adaptive optics systems, etc.
  • Develop plans and procedures for installation and subsequent optical testing and adjustment of telescope mounted equipment using commercial laser trackers and wavefront sensing techniques.
  • Provide expert advice and mentoring when necessary, to improve the metrology techniques of the subsystem teams.
  • Participate as a reviewer in subsystem design reviews.
  • Perform tolerance studies, trade studies and prepare specifications for the optical subsystems.
  • Prepare and deliver technical presentations.
  • Write technical reports and papers.
Minimum Requirements

  • An advanced degree in optics, mechanical engineering, physics or equivalent.
  • 10 years experience in optical metrology and associated engineering analysis.
  • The project office is located in Pasadena and residence in the area is required.
  • Frequent domestic and international travel (approximately 15% of the time) to visit suppliers in China, India and Japan will be necessary in order to fulfill the duties of this position.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

The Senior Metrology Engineer must have strong technical skills in many of the following areas:
  • Expert knowledge of both commercially available and custom designed optical metrology systems and mechanical metrology as applied to production of 1m to 4m class optical elements.
  • Familiarity with optical fabrication methods
  • Significant experience with assembly, alignment and testing of optical systems.
  • Strong background in optical ray tracing programs, e.g., CodeV and Zemax, for performing tolerance and sensitivity studies.
  • Understanding of orthogonal polynomials used to evaluate mirror flexure, including Zernike polynomials, natural bending modes (eigenvectors) and support system SVD modes.
  • Thorough understanding of optical surface specifications commonly used in astronomical optics including: Strehl ratio, RMS surface, RMS slope, structure functions, encircled energy, point source sensitivity, power spectral density, surface roughness, scratch-dig, etc.
  • Familiarity with structural mechanics, engineering materials, optical supports and handling equipment.
The Senior Metrology Engineer must have strong personal skills, including all of the following:
  • Excellent organizational skills.
  • Good interpersonal team-building skills.
  • Good English communication skills.
  • Ability to write clear and concise technical reports and papers.
  • Ability to work on multiple tasks in parallel.
  • Must be able to perform work to meet schedules.
 Experience and skills that would also be valuable include all of the following:
  • Experience with large optical telescopes.
  • Knowledge of large-project systems engineering processes
  • Knowledge of adaptive optical systems.
  • Experience in all phases of a major project, including design, fabrication, integration and testing.
  • Experience supervising subcontractors producing high-value optical components
  • Fluency with Japanese, Chinese, or Hindi language.
TMT International Observatory, LLC is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Women, Minorities, Veterans and Disabled Persons are encouraged to apply. 

Department: Optics
This is a reg full-time position

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