To lead and execute the Kitchen ensuring a high level of performance, guest satisfaction and profitability

• Comply with Bar Tatami standards of service and assure the same from all kitchen associates.
• Manage the day-to-day operation of the kitchen, direct the activities of the kitchen as, coordinate food
production schedules and ensure highest level of food quality, taste and presentation as directed by the
Executive Chef.
• Participate in actual food preparation, produce food consistently high quality, taste and presentation and
expedite during peak meal periods as needed.
• Operate the Kitchen within budgetary guidelines set by Fortiss and in response to business conditions.
• Implement policies and controls on issues relating to kitchen operations to include, reduction of waste,
spoilage and breakage; food handling and sanitation; recipe portion control and specifications as directed by
the EC.
• Control food cost by training kitchen staff on the proper methods of food preparation and handling, by
training kitchen restaurant associates.
• Direct, develop, appraise and counsel kitchen staff. Ensure that all kitchen employees consistently adhere to
uniform, grooming and appearance standards.
• Ensure thorough training on the proper handling and maintenance of all kitchen and steward equipment.
• In conjunction with the Executive Chef, establish goals for the kitchen, anticipate and resolve problems
concerning all facets of the kitchen, anticipate trends, enact approved profit-oriented and cost saving
• Establish and require strict adherence to health department and hotel sanitation and food handling
guidelines (posses current Serv Safe Sanitation Certification a plus but not necessary).
• In conjunction with the Executive Chef, develop menus & create and ensure adherence to recipes and
product specifications. Train kitchen staff on all new menus.
• The Sous Chef must maintain effective communication within the kitchen, be responsive to staff suggestions
and concerns and work to resolve problems.
• Maintain effective working relationship with food and beverage management, staff and casino management.
• Comply with established purchasing and requisition procedures and assure that all kitchen employees do
the same.
• Adhere to safety, security and sanitation procedures. Be proactive by acting promptly to correct hazards
and assure the same from food and beverage staff.
• Complete all assigned administrative duties in a timely manner such as, preparation of menus, food orders,
production schedules, etc.
• Direct and maintain quality food preparation for the employee cafeteria and monitor daily costs of meals.

• Ability to read, speak and understand the English language in order to interact with guests and staff, handle
administrative duties, comprehend function sheets, conduct training, etc.
• Ability to read, understand, interpret and make decisions based upon information found in a variety of
financial statement and reports. Sufficient mathematical skills to prepare calculate food cost and menu
pricing, control labor costs, develop product specifications and recipes, etc.
• Possess through knowledge of food, methods of food preparation and trends in both.
• Ability to produce food of an advanced nature consistently high in quality, taste and presentation.
• Possess strong working knowledge of kitchen equipment and sanitation and food handling
• Ability to stand and walk for extended periods in crowded areas and in confined spaces.
• Ability to visually inspect all types of food for quality and freshness.
• Ability to lift weights of up to 75 lbs and push/pull/move load on hand cart/truck weighing 300 lbs.
• Possess manual dexterity in hands and fingers to grab and hold a variety of items and operate all kitchen
equipment (including knives).
• Ability to perform duties in areas with extreme temperature ranges.
• Ability to develop and maintain productive interpersonal relationships, ability to relate well with a wide
variety of individuals many of whom will require patience and tolerance and the ability to effectively
manage a wide variety of people.
• Ability and flexibility to work long hours on a regular basis and as business conditions demand.
• Ability to manage multiple activities often in stressful situations.
• Ability to organize oneself, one's work and the efforts of others.
• Ability to pass Serve Safe Sanitation course.
• Possess the professional style and sufficient confidence to effectively represent the restaurant and execute
the duties and responsibilities of the position.
• Ability to make effective judgments on all facets of kitchen, food operations, staff and the ability to
effectively solve guest and operational problems.
• Possess knowledge and ability to step in and perform a variety of food and beverage
Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential

This is a full time position

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